How to deal with a squeaky door?

How to deal with a squeaky door?

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Answer: in general, it suffices to grease the hinges.

There is nothing more annoying and unpleasant than a door that creaks at each opening and closing. It is very easy to fix such a problem yourself. To do this, you will mainly need a little oil. You will first need to place the door in the correct position. You can unhook the door but it is not necessary. You can just leave it in the open position. Then lift it using a lever and lock it in this position. Clean the axes, you can use white spirit, for example. Pour a few drops of oil on the hinge pins and replace the door. Rotate the door several times so that the oil spills on the hinges, and voila. You can also, if necessary, change the friction washers on your door. In this case, you will have to remove the door from its hinges. Remove the washers in place and place the new ones. Replace the door. You too, send us your brico question


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