Steam to clean the house

Steam to clean the house

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At the time of the big spring cleaning, it's time to get ready! To easily clean the house from floor to ceiling, we advise you to opt for an ecological means: the steam cleaner. On the tiles in the bathroom, on the kitchen floor, on the living room windows and even on the bedroom carpet, the steam cleaner can be used everywhere, without the need to add detergents. Take a look at three models that caught our attention.

The steam vacuum cleaner

The soil is the fastest soiled surface in the house. So, to make life easier without rubbing for hours, we put on a vacuum cleaner-steam cleaner. Once taken off, the dirt is immediately sucked into the tank, ideal for saving time when cleaning. We are tempted by the almost professional model of Karcher, very versatile thanks to its multiple functions. Broom, mop, vacuum cleaner then end up in the closet!

A steam mop

To deeply remove dirt from your floors or shower walls without using a detergent, it is now possible thanks to the steam mop. Easy to use, it allows you to clean all flat surfaces without effort. Marble, unwaxed parquet, tiling, and even carpeting have found a second youth thanks to the steam under pressure expelled. Mop the mop!

A hand steam cleaner

To spare you when cleaning your windows or nooks, hand steam cleaners also know how to be useful. Operational in a few minutes, they allow you to carry out a light and fast extra cleaning. To wash your windows or shower screens, consider choosing a model with a very practical squeegee.