A little corner of paradise in the toilet

A little corner of paradise in the toilet

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The toilet room is often poor in furniture. This is why it is difficult to give it a fully fledged decorative style. But with a little imagination and a few well-chosen objects, it can quickly become a little corner of paradise worthy of a holiday postcard.

Azure lens

The toilet room being isolated from the rest of the house, it is often neglected in decoration. Quickly remedy this by offering him a dream setting. Start by painting the walls in a blue color that evokes the southern seas. Caribbean turquoise blue, Indian Ocean blue or Mediterranean blue are intense colors that will immerse your room in a bath of freshness. Then, the first object targeted in the toilets to change the decor is the toilet seats. Invite them to distant and paradisiacal regions by dressing them in a resin bowl in which small shells are encrusted. Add to the ground, a beige sand carpet which will complete the beach atmosphere.

Like on the beach, bet on entertainment

It is a good idea to put a few crosswords, sodoku or other games in your beach bag to relax your mind. Play the game to the end in your toilet by betting on Sudoku toilet paper. Explanations… Each sheet of the roll is printed with a grid to fill. A wink that makes you smile and that will find your audience! Another even more unusual solution, bet on the mini golf toilet or angling adapted for the smallness of the room! Good holidays…