Myriam de Loor presents Petit Pan

Myriam de Loor presents Petit Pan

With its original patterns and bright colors, Petit Pan charms young and old to bring a little cheerfulness into the house. But do you know who is behind these creations? We met Myriam de Loor to lift the veil on this brand we love!

Tell us about your background.

After studying pedagogy, I went to an art school in Brussels and then another in Florence. This course gave birth to my visual arts workshops for children, which I led for years first in Florence and then in Brussels. Then there is my meeting with Pan who has become my life companion. He takes me to China where I discover a new world. On the return from this trip, I settle down with him in Paris and a first baby arrives.

How was Petit Pan born?

In September 2000, a package from China arrived by post. It contained a cute, chewable set: a little jacket and little fleece pants. It was a handcrafted present and sent as a welcome gift by Pan's mom for her grandson. I loved the richness of the prints: small sparkling, bold patterns and bold colors as I like them. I was amazed by this comfortable and cozy outfit that we dress children in these distant lands. Dressed in his gift, Emile, our son, also seemed overwhelmed. Thus was born the story of Petit Pan in our minds.

How do you create the brand's designs?

I have a passion for color. When I leave my house or when I travel, my gaze instinctively settles on the colors. I am very sensitive to forms too. These shapes and colors get stuck in a corner of my head and eventually give birth to a pattern. I especially like the micro patterns; their repetition creates a rhythm similar to the score of a musician. Then I work on the color palette and it will give the soft or sustained rhythm to the pattern. I draw my inspiration as well in a bed of wild grasses as on the decoration of a ceramic, on the scarf of a Chinese peasant woman as on the manifesto of an exhibition. Everything is good to take and reinterpret. Our patterns are now 140 and there is something for everyone: geometric, floral, pink, blue, gray ... Each motif has its name: Helium, Poppy, Flowers of the Islands, Okiko.

What interior style do your creations match?

When I imagine a new object, I don't particularly think of the place. I focus on the object. Its success is due to the pleasure of its creation, its lightness and the spark of happiness that it brings to the person who adopts it. I have a Venetian friend who lives in a magnificent palace; the patterns of Petit Pan are very beautiful. A large whale lantern can give an almost surreal atmosphere to the ceiling of a Haussmannian apartment ... For me, the real success is the mix of styles with freedom. But it is obvious that an entirely white and luminous space is one of the most beautiful settings: in the whiteness and the light, the colors and the patterns of Petit Pan vibrate with all their intensity.

What is your advice for using them in the house?

Petit Pan's creations are beautiful when they are also useful. I like that our multicolored sofa is as comfortable, that a pretty shopping bag is practical, that a plaid is cozy…

What are your next projects ?

- Open new stores in cities we love. - Open a Petit Pan plastic arts workshop for children. - Develop the range of our new cement tiles. - Imagine a line of dishes with our patterns…