Low prices: the butterfly effect on the bedroom walls!

Low prices: the butterfly effect on the bedroom walls!

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Snow recently replaced our perspective of budding landscapes. And yet, it must be believed, spring is indeed here! And even if you do not control the weather, you can always inject it into the room thanks to a flight of 100% decorative butterflies…

Lightweight stickers

Excellent allies of chic and inexpensive decor, the stickers could only appear in our shopping list. In the collection of Poétic Walls signed Le Prédo, we have chosen our favorite model: a beautiful flight of butterflies called "all butterflies" (€ 15.60) whose black silhouette delicately stands out from the wall…

Butterfly bugs

At Pa Design, we love the decorative pins in the shape of butterflies (€ 10.00). A simple way to brighten up the wall above the desk and create a little spring mood. Prettier and lighter the workspace!

Butterfly frames

Butterfly as spring, butterfly as cabinet of curiosity! Direction AM.PM and its butterfly paintings (at 19 € each) to plant these 2 styles at once. The frame is black, and the winged pattern, printed on falsely erased paper. Everything to mix romanticism and inspiration from the past…

Winged coat hooks

With a flapping of wings on the wall, a few butterfly hooks land in the bedroom (3 winged models, at € 50 at File dans ta Chambre). Ideal for hanging clothes, coats, scarves, but above all to assert an intensely light mood specific to the season which sets in slowly, but surely!


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