When to install acoustic carpet?

When to install acoustic carpet?

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Answer: a coating for parts that require sound insulation.

Carpet is by definition a sound insulator. But there is also a special type of covering for which this property is reinforced, the acoustic carpet. Dampening footsteps like objects dragged on the ground, absorbing the sounds of voices or music and avoiding the diffusion of sounds, the acoustic carpet can be installed in any room needing to be soundproofed. On the floor or on the walls, the acoustic carpet is particularly useful in apartments or offices, but also in rooms with a home cinema, dedicated to the practice of music, etc. If you are a tenant in a building and you want to change the carpet of your apartment, be careful to check whether the old one is acoustic or not. Indeed, the law obliges you not to lower the soundproofing performance of your home. You too, send us your brico question