In drawing: make felt glass markers

In drawing: make felt glass markers

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You have planned to organize a small evening with friends, a sort of aperitif where no one is taped to the table and where everyone is browsing from friends to friends to chat ... In this kind of friendly situation, your challenge will be as follows: let no one lose their stemmed glass in the middle of other glasses, and at the same time, let no one say once in the evening (as is customary!): "it is which my glass? "… To help you win this challenge, here is an original creative hobby idea, little seen and easy to carry out: the felt flower glass brand! A tiny touch of kitsch decor, just what it takes to be all the rage with your guests, these glass markers will also save you from having to take out a new stemware every time one of your friends recognizes more of hers. To each his color and voila!


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