Paint exterior woodwork

Paint exterior woodwork

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When the good weather arrives and you want to enjoy your outdoors? This is the perfect time to clean the garden but also to give your house a clean look. The exterior woodwork deteriorates over time. Particularly sensitive to the vagaries of the weather and insects, the exterior woodwork must be maintained. Today we give you our advice to repaint your shutters, your beams, your door or your gate, in short all your exterior woodwork.

Prepare exterior woodwork

Before painting your woodwork, you must prepare them. The first step is to sand the items you want to work on. For this, you can use a sander or, for the bravest, the famous elbow grease. Choose fine-grained sandpaper for a smooth result and always sand in the direction of the wood fibers. Once your woodwork has been sanded, dust it off with a brush and then a damp cloth.

Stripping and coating exterior woodwork

If your woodwork was already painted, you may have to strip it. For this, you will need to use White Spirit or a chemical stripper specially designed for exterior woodwork. Follow the instructions for use of the chosen product. Some require rest time, others should be rinsed off immediately. Next comes the installation of a plaster or an undercoat. This step is important since it impacts the life of the paint. Here again, you have to adapt to the product chosen and the type of wood that makes up the elements you are working on.

Paint exterior woodwork

Last but not least, painting. If you want the grain of the wood to be visible, opt for stain. If on the contrary, you prefer a perfectly solid paint, choose a covering paint. In order to obtain a uniform result, it is often necessary to apply two coats of paint or stain. Be aware that depending on where you live, you may not be free to repaint your exterior woodwork. Indeed, some municipalities or condominiums issue restrictions or impose their colors. Before undertaking your refurbishment or renovation work, remember to contact your condominium or inquire at the town hall. It would be a shame to have to redo everything…

The golden rules for painting your exterior woodwork

Here are some tips if you want to paint your exterior woodwork: - Be well equipped: choose the right brushes, the right products and a paint specially designed for exterior woodwork. - Protect yourself: you will be in contact with chemicals, so remember to choose a work outfit, put on gloves, protective glasses and protect your hair. Wearing a mask is also highly recommended. - Check the weather: no need to get to work if you know it will rain or the temperatures will be scorching. Prefer dry days, when the outside temperature is between 10 ° and 25 °. - Choose the colors well: today you love this magnificent selected brick red shade, but tomorrow… Opt for neutral or classic colors and not those that benefit from a fashion effect.