What does injecting resin into a wall consist of?

What does injecting resin into a wall consist of?

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Answer: an insurmountable barrier for soil water.

When moisture rises from the ground, one of the most effective solutions to eliminate the problem is the injection of resin into the affected wall. This technique is however reserved for professionals (unless you are a great handyman), because it does not support any error and especially no defect in the wall. Concretely, holes are drilled on three quarters of the thickness of the wall, every 15 cm and below. An injector then allows hot resin to be sent into these holes. On contact with water, the resin polymerizes and hardens: it then forms a tight and impassable barrier for moisture. The method of injecting resin into a wall has the great advantage of being effective in the smallest capillaries and of acting after only 48 hours. However, it requires a drying time which varies from 6 to 18 months. But it is guaranteed for decades by professionals! You too, send us your DIY question.