Video: preparing your flower pots and planters

Video: preparing your flower pots and planters

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Do you want to flower your balcony or garden? Have you opted for a pot or planter planting? In order for your plants to grow in good conditions, it is essential to provide them with a well-prepared planter. Ophélie, gardening coach, explains the procedure to you, quickly and simply.

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What you need

To properly prepare your pot in order to grow any type of plant (cuttings, seedlings, flowering plants, etc.), you need: - a pot or a planter, - pieces of broken clay pot , - clay balls, - potting soil.

Prepare your planter

At first, put the pieces of terracotta at the bottom of the planter, over the holes. The goal is to prevent them from being filled by the earth or by clay balls, which would prevent water from flowing. Then pour your clay balls. Make a layer of about two centimeters. The clay balls are important: they allow the roots not to remain continuously in contact with water, and thus prevent them from rotting. They also maintain humidity and facilitate drainage, which are essential elements for the proper development of flowers. Once the balls have been placed in the bottom of the planter, fill it with universal potting soil, and tamp down lightly. Normally, this type of soil does not require adding fertilizers. All you have to do is place your planter or your pot on a saucer. The latter will allow you to keep moisture at the base of your plants, but will prevent water from spreading everywhere when you water. You now know how to prepare a planter, you just have to plant flowers, which you will have bought in pots in the store for example. If this is the case, do not hesitate to follow Ophélie's advice for planting flowers in pots. Find How to prepare a flowerpot or planter on Produced by Minute Facile. Something new in your garden and on your balcony? Celebrate the return of spring, post your photos on the forum