Oven, tell me if my roast is done?

Oven, tell me if my roast is done?

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Before I did not control the cooking of meats, but that was before, as the other would say. Before I kept the receipt of the butcher to know the weight of the meat and I did my calculation, a little ladle. Before I forgot the timer or I decided to skip a few minutes because I was too hungry. Before I always had a little anguish before cutting the roast pork: will there be pink? But now I have a probe and I systematically check the core temperature of the meat. Now I don't miss my oven meats any more! For those who are ready to invest in a competition oven, it is possible to equip themselves with an oven offering an integrated meat probe. No need like me to come back frequently to check the temperature (I only have a thermometer and not a thermo-probe). It is true that the thermo-probe option is much more economical than this type of oven, but let's rather admire the beauty of the gesture. Already available from other brands, ovens with integrated probe are now part of the Siemens catalog: no less than 6 ovens offer this feature.
This independent probe allows you to continuously check the temperature of your meat at its heart. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the oven stops automatically and can go into keep warm mode at a temperature of 60 ° C. Too bad we still have to turn the meat over and water it from time to time, otherwise we could let the oven do all the work. Considered a few years ago as a gadget function, cooking with core temperature control is gradually becoming the norm, in particular because it is inseparable from cooking at low temperatures. This type of tool in ovens therefore risks becoming more and more frequent. At Siemens it will nevertheless cost between 830 and 1400 € to acquire this type of technology.


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