Deco mistakes to avoid with magazines

Deco mistakes to avoid with magazines

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Fan of magazines, you buy them, devour them, accumulate them and scatter them. From a decorative point of view, here is what you should not do and what it would be better to do with this collection on a glossy background.

Accumulate without storing

Problem number 1: accumulate magazines en masse, deposit a few, everywhere, to the point of invading space. Yes, the kit is bad for the decor as much as for morale! Because in both cases, it turns out to be too bulky ... Result: even if we would like to keep them all, we think of sorting regularly, the idea being not to stifle the decor, and to see more clearly ...

Underestimate their decorative aspect

The magazines have nothing aesthetic you would say. Either way, it's for the content that you buy them. Okay. However, the editorial staff of dé is not of this opinion. According to her, even if it means having dozens of journals, you might as well take advantage of them from a visual point of view. Because nicely staged, these can reveal their incredible decorative potential. Our best ideas to steal if we are a die-hard magazine buyer? Lay them vertically on top of each other, as if to form columns, all in a display cabinet. Thus, behind their glass pane, the wise piles take on the dimension of "museum object". The other good point of this theatricalization is that it gives the whole a straight, tapered look (from the edges of the stacked magazines), both graphic and unusual. It is also possible to opt for this solution of architectured batteries directly on the ground against a wall. It remains to decide if we intend to vary the heights of each column to increase the geometric aspect, or on the contrary, if we want to play it hyper symmetrical with columns of identical sizes. And it's not over. Other, more inventive, possibilities exist for emphasizing magazine covers. You can, for example, hang the most beautiful on each step of a decorative ladder, or even on a credenza bar fixed in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the toilet or in the living room and not in the kitchen. So, does that give ideas?

Don't give them a second life

In principle, encouraging storage and sorting implies the destination "dustbin". However, what a shame to waste so much paper! We prefer the concept of recycling. How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to object diversion. Because by cutting out the most inspiring and arty pages, it's easy to improvise a stylish wall decor. You just have to frame them like real works of art, or simply tape them loose on the wall for a more relaxed / offbeat look. But not only. Magazine pages also have the gift of customizing basic accessories with originality: storage boxes, flower pot, desk plan (once the pages are selected, a glass tray is placed on the composition)… It is also possible to use it for tableware, making origami folds that accessorize each glass. Even better, it can be used to create small furniture! Take a stack of 80 cm high magazines, strap them together, and you get a really unusual creative beanbag!