Dulux Valentine, the painting expert

Dulux Valentine, the painting expert

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Today, Dulux Valentine is an essential name in paint for interior decoration, but did you know that this has not always been the case? We invite you to discover the incredible epic of this company as well as all its innovations that we have adopted in the house.

Carriages for decoration

The history of Dulux Valentine dates back to the 18th century and began in the United States, where Valentine, an American of French origin, specialized in painting for horse-drawn carriages. It was then in 1925 that France welcomed the company under the name of Compagnie des Vernis Valentine from the American company and the Lemoine establishments. The brand moved to Gennevilliers and it then specialized in paints and varnishes dedicated to the automobile. It was then necessary to wait until 1930 for Dulux Valentine to embark on decorative paintings. From then on, the brand saw its notoriety grow to become one of the major players in the world of decorative painting.

Quality colors

Building on its success for many years, Dulux Valentine now offers paints suitable for all needs, both indoors and outdoors. The range of interior paints covers a wide range depending on your project: Couleurs du monde helps you to create atmospheres thanks to colors imagined by destination, Crème de couleur offers a texture that is easy to apply and very covering, Le Mat gives you a both matt and resistant, Ultra Resist Valénite is a glycerol paint, Kitchen and Bathroom resists grease and mold and a Kitchen & Bath range offers reinforced protection to your water features. To these many finishes, we add an incalculable number of colors by ranges but also more than 2000 shades achievable in tinting machine. You can even go to the store with a fabric sample so that it can be scanned and you are offered the corresponding color to create your "custom color".

Trend books

In addition to a complete color chart, Dulux Valentine offers real trend books made by stylist and color specialist Catherine Filoche. These notebooks published each season thus make it possible to highlight the colors in vogue but also to propose associations according to the desired atmospheres. A real service for consumers who can also go to the brand's website to test color associations and be offered ideas based on a basic color. And to be sure of its choice, Dulux Valentine offers a test range to try the color rendering in its interior and on its walls thanks to a very small pot (50ml) and a brush included. 128 colors are already available in this format to help you make your choice! Enough to realize your color project with confidence! > More info on www.duluxvalentine.com