For a stylish decoration, bet on original armchairs

For a stylish decoration, bet on original armchairs

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When the decor lacks pep 's offer him a cure of vitamins by betting on an unusual chair. Like a unique piece, it awakens the other pieces of furniture, which come into contact with a little color. Original shapes, bold colors, exacerbated lines revive a decoration far from "ready to decorate"!

In which room can you afford an original armchair?

There is no particular room to accommodate a stylish armchair. All the rooms in the house are open to him. First of all, you need to make an inventory of your decoration. Which of these rooms would need to wake up: the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom or the garden? Likewise, define the style that you have set up to give it exactly the opposite.

What armchair, for what style?

In a classic decor choose a real contrast and bet on a design armchair. Like Jeff Koons at Versailles, it is by daring oppositions and the unexpected that you will stimulate your decor style. And it works the other way too. Thus a designer interior will offer an armchair with classic and traditional lines. Likewise, you are a fan of cozy decor with fifties accents who put on round furniture, why not move away from this total look by opting for a Louis Ghost armchair from Starck that you can personalize. Advice for those who do not like to take risks : Color is often a good decorative partner. It stirs the lines and contours of objects or furniture to infuse them with more style. Also if your room has neutral colors, dare a colorful armchair!