Unusual: decorative objects that make you dizzy

Unusual: decorative objects that make you dizzy

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The decor takes height and plays with dimensions to provide a feeling of vertigo in your interior. The marks being blurred, the objects concerned take on a new dimension which we are not used to, to multiply the effect. And do not think that this decoration is reserved for large spaces! On the contrary, it finds its legitimacy in reduced spaces to gain all the more scope. Discovery…

Objects that become exceptional

The Tiuku pendulum clock from Covo, offers an unexpected version of the classic pendulum by being very high perched on stilts. Almost out of a dream, its dizzying height, to make you dizzy, adds a dreamlike aspect to your decor. As for the Latva coat rack, from the same studio, with a height of 1.78m and which consists of branches to recall the idea of ​​the tree, it is the same principle! The unusual height of this object contributes to being noticed in your interior to almost become "work"!

Play with dimensions

The disproportionate decoration with carte blanche in all types of spaces. One thing is certain: the smaller your interior, the more the object will grow! Rest assured the large rooms can also accommodate this original decoration. Everything will depend on the objects placed next to it. This is why do not hesitate to play with the scales so that your objects enhance each other. And good news: the epidemic affects all the furniture in the house!