In drawing: make a cloud mobile for your baby

In drawing: make a cloud mobile for your baby

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The mobile is a key element of your child's bedroom. It is both decorative and a source of arousal and curiosity for your baby. On the market, there are many models, each one prettier than the other but it is however so easy to make one yourself! It will be, on the one hand, just as pretty and will have the same attraction for baby, on the other hand, it will cost you much less and finally, it will have the great merit of being unique and of having been made with love! Apart from your usual sewing tools, bring: - 2 pieces of fabric about 20 x 30 cm (for the cloud) - different felt coupons (for the drops) - cotton thread (for the drops) - cotton wool padding (for the cloud) - sheets of paper (for the news: 739839 boss)… And follow the tutorial below!


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