Gatsby the Magnificent, behind the scenes

Gatsby the Magnificent, behind the scenes

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The film which presented at the opening of the 66th Festival de Cannes is him! The feature film Gatsby the Magnificent thus succeeds Australia and Moulin Rouge in the saga of Baz Luhrmann's films. As with the director's previous works, his sets and costumes are at least as important as the story told. A real dramatization of excess at the dawn of the 20th century, grandiose places, the effervescence of the Roaring Twenties, against a backdrop of jazz. Decryption in a few key points.


Huge staircases, cathedral ceilings, oversized windows, XXL chandeliers, moldings on the walls, gigantic vases, breathtaking curtains, Art Deco furniture and dim lights: the trailer sets the scene and dazzles us. The American dream of the 1920s in short. At least, that of Jay Gatsby, the main character of the film, running from party to party. We needed a sparkling setting, where the color of silver and the mundane spirit of the era were omnipresent to welcome it. One thing is certain, this multiplication of sumptuous sets theatricalized like an opera-rock, immerses us in the universe of the exuberant character that embodies Leonardo Dicaprio… And does not leave us indifferent!

A dandy spirit

After the excess, the dandy style. Because after all, here, the cliché of the dandy of the 1920s, lost in a world of jazz and alcohol officially prohibited, is omnipresent. Certainly, who says dandy says beautiful costumes, hat, worship of beautiful decorative objects, but not only! With the women, we can see a host of feathers galore, gold and silver glitter, frills and lace. Exuberance meets elegance and refinement, both in the decor and the style of the characters.