5 ideas for effective spring cleaning

5 ideas for effective spring cleaning

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The good weather arrives and as every year, it is time to carry out the big spring cleaning. You will soon shine your house from floor to ceiling. And to help you, we put at your disposal all our ideas to properly clean and reorganize your home. It's up to you to use them for effective spring cleaning.

Sort it out

Before cleaning, you need to sort and store each piece. Sort your clothes and give away those you will no longer wear. Do the same in children's wardrobes. Sort your papers, throw away the ones that are no longer useful and classify the others. Try to dedicate a small piece of furniture for all these papers, so on a daily basis, you will classify them as you go. Also make a vacuum. Get rid of small appliances that you no longer use, whether it works or not, and do the same with your decor and furniture. Everything that can be reused must be given. The rest must be recycled.

Clean and rearrange your kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Also, it is essential to store it, clean it and organize it well. This step involves sorting food, dishes and household appliances. Clean every element of your appliance, your closets and your walls. Do not hesitate to rearrange your cupboards to facilitate storage. Make sure that each element has a place. Finally, complete your pantry!

Clean bedding, carpets and rugs

In the spring, it is essential to clean your bedding. Is a sunny day looming? Take the opportunity to ventilate your mattresses. Your duvets and pillows should be washed. If your washing machine is too small, go to the laundromat or the laundry. But don't cut it! Your bedding is a nest of germs. Take the opportunity to wash carpets and rugs. To do so, rent or borrow a small steam appliance.

The main structure

Spring cleaning also involves the structural work. Structural work means cleaning of doors and windows, maintenance of parquet floors and lighting, but also gardening. And yes ! Who says spring, says sun and barbecue, it is therefore essential to clean the terrace, the paths and the garden furniture. Also remember to mow, trim your hedges and prune your trees.

Simplify your interior

Now that everything is sorted, cleaned and tidy, use your imagination to simplify your interior. Set up a simple storage system that will save you time on a daily basis. Bet on boxes and baskets, for papers, invest in a small piece of furniture with sorter. You will only have to deposit your papers as you go. Invest in several laundry baskets: one for white, one for color and one for household linen. Do the same for the garbage cans. Buy a bin for recycling, one for glass and one for the rest of the garbage. If you have a compost, provide a small green waste bin. You can reuse the compost for gardening!

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