Holiday photos on 3 decorative accessories

Holiday photos on 3 decorative accessories

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In memory of the most memorable moments, photo albums are no longer enough. Because some shots stand out from the crowd deserve to participate in the decor of the house! And not necessarily behind the glass of a frame. More trendy and more surprising, here are 3 highly customizable decorative accessories on which we place our fondest memories…


A clock whose hands turn over memories, it's at Cadopix that it happens! We select the design of the clock, we crop the chosen photograph, we put it online and we launch the order! Namely that the prices are spread out to adapt to all budgets, ranging from 30 to 45 or 65 €!


On the sofa the new trendy cushion, it's him! Recalling our last vacation, in portrait or landscape format, it brings a lot of dynamism and good humor to the show. The right plan? Send photos and contact details by email from the Instagram application. Result: a 30 x 30 cm cushion bordered by a thin flashy orange line, all for less than € 60. Very stylish !


Another tip to immortalize memories on a decorative accessory? Present them on mugs and thus complete our selection of accessories for decorative breakfasts. Our favorite address? Because you just have to create the design of the mug online, photo included, and wait for the delivery! Note that the style of these accessories can be simple (only the photo appears on a white background), themed (various patterns), colorful (inside and around the photo) or magical (the photo disappears when the drink contained in the mug is hot).