5 gardening apps to make your life easier

5 gardening apps to make your life easier

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Nowadays, we all have a smartphone or a tablet. So why not use these connected tools for gardening? This is what we are offering you today. The editorial team has selected 5 applications for you to garden with ease. When is the best time to sow? How to maintain your plantations? When to harvest? You will know everything!

Calendar of garden works

The Garden Work Calendar is a fun and practical application. Every day, you discover what you can do in your garden: the plants to plant, the crops to be harvested, etc. You will also have access to quotes and gardening techniques. Most of the application is the lexicon which provides a lot of useful information. The Garden Work Calendar is a simple calendar, it is very easy to use and you will love to consult it every day.

In the garden

The most complete application in the garden. It helps you to do almost everything: maintain a vegetable patch or an orchard, take care of flowers, trees and shrubs or even decorate your terrace. You will also learn how to have a vegetable patch on your balcony or how to maintain a hive. The Au Jardin application also offers an agenda with an alarm system that alerts you to the tasks to be carried out in your garden each week.

Garden guide

The Garden Guide application is offered by Hachette. With it, it is possible to maintain all of your plantations: flowers, plants, trees, vegetable patch, etc. You know when to plant them, how to care for them, when to prune them or how to harvest them. The Garden Guide app offers more than 600 practical sheets and a very comprehensive glossary. To facilitate navigation, a small search engine is integrated. Finally, thanks to the Garden Guide, you will easily find all the nurserymen near you.

My vegetable patch

The app my vegetable garden is our favorite. Thanks to it you can plant and maintain your fruits, vegetables and even your aromatic plants. For each of your products, you will benefit from a practical sheet which will provide you with a multitude of advice. If you don't have a vegetable garden yet, you can create one using the "step by step" tips. If you already have a vegetable patch, you can customize the application to follow the evolution of your plants.

Organic vegetable garden

Today, organic attracts us. We want to eat healthy while having an eco-responsible attitude. Thanks to the Vegetable Garden app, you will know how to take care of your fruits and vegetables in the healthiest way possible. For each product, you have a complete sheet that will tell you when to plant, how to maintain them and when to take care of the harvest. The Vegetable Garden app also helps you fight the diseases that can affect your plantations, in a natural way.