Choosing wallpaper for nursery

Choosing wallpaper for nursery

For the walls of the baby's room, choose a covering and a pose that will favor a healthy environment. Use certified products to best meet safety standards. Also choose patterns and colors according to the style of decoration you want to set up in this room. Thus, you will offer security and well-being to your child.

Foster safety in baby's room

In the nursery, it is essential to promote safety and well-being. On the wall, avoid wallpapers covered with a layer of PVC. Go for an ecological approach by selecting a wallpaper made of natural fibers or recycled paper. For an efficient and ecological installation, select solvent-free glues based on starch and cellulose. In order to maintain the beauty of your wallpaper over time, choose a washable and washable coating. This one will resist the daily aggressions. Clean and healthy, opt for a non-woven vinyl. It can be washed to facilitate the maintenance of the room. Washable wallpaper has the particularity of resisting the passage of soapy water without deteriorating.

Soft and clear colors in the nursery

In order to create a cozy universe for your baby, choose a wallpaper in soft and light colors. Its cocoon must meet certain imperatives of colors and shapes. An infant perceives colors differently than an adult. Respect his need to rest while promoting light colors. Bright tones can affect the baby's vision. This is why it is essential to choose colors that attract light without dazzling the infant. These allow to awaken the baby's senses without ever interfering with his rest. For a room facing north, opt for wallpaper with blue patterns. It harmonizes perfectly with natural tones like brown while illuminating the space.

A baby room full of magic

In a little girl's room, take inspiration from fairy tales and dreams of princesses. To illuminate the space in a powdery and romantic style, choose pastel shades. Pearl gray, sugared pink and immaculate white, play with the soft and clear colors. On the motif side, favor pink or green flowers in a spring spirit. For boys, approach decoration under the sign of an imaginary journey by opting for animal patterns on the wallpaper. In warm and bright tones, create an atmosphere with African accents in the room with animals such as giraffes, lions and elephants. In a romantic style, prefer the soft hues between off-white, beige and brown. Soothing, these colors contribute to baby's awakening.

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