Swimming pool: what you need to know before getting started

Swimming pool: what you need to know before getting started

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The swimming pool is a body of water that allows you to practice water sports but also to decorate gardens and parks. Different types of swimming pools exist, in order to best meet the needs and desires of individuals. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation works for a swimming pool construction

The choice of an above ground or inground pool

This choice is linked to your desire to do or not work (dig a hole to be able to place the pool). The above ground pool is practical to install and can be moved during subsequent moves. The inground pool allows a total fusion with the garden. It also allows large dimensions (with a minimum of 3 m by 6 m). There are different construction materials such as wood, plastic, concrete or stone and different forms (standard, relaxation, unusual, sporty…).

The new swimming pool trend

Chlorinated pool water tends to be aggressive to the skin and eyes. New formulas have been developed based on ozone. However, the big news is the natural swimming pool. You will be able to enjoy a rich coexistence with plants, insects and small fish. This swimming pool has the advantage of being autonomous. You do not need to maintain it with complex devices. The seawater pool is a variant of the natural pool. It also offers the advantage of having thalassotherapy. Its installation cost is higher than for a chlorinated water swimming pool. However, this basic investment will be offset by the low cost of daily maintenance.

Protect and clean your pool

A swimming pool requires regular and careful maintenance. You can invest in a pool robot that will perform daily cleaning. Please note that during off-peak periods such as winter, you should let your outdoor pool sit. The dosage of the different solutions present in the water is also an important action. The safety of your pool is a fundamental issue. She is a real danger for young children. You can therefore opt for tarpaulins or covering panels as well as alarms that detect passages. The world of swimming pools is wide enough to satisfy everyone's desires and needs!