Why couple a CMV to a heat pump?

Why couple a CMV to a heat pump?

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Answer: the heat pump will use stale air to save a lot of energy.

It is quite possible to couple a double-flow CMV with a heat pump. A VMC is used to extract stale air in service rooms such as the laundry room and kitchen and to breathe new air into living rooms such as the living room and bedrooms. Associating a miniature heat pump with the VMC is a smart choice, the heat pump will use the heat of the stale air to preheat the fresh air blown. This system, which costs around 5,000 euros all inclusive, is called thermodynamic double-flow VMC. In old dwellings, you achieve substantial energy savings, while needing a backup heating source. In new homes, you can possibly do without additional source. You too, send us your brico question

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