How to choose my summer plaid?

How to choose my summer plaid?

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No more plaids in faux fur, wool or fleece! We have indeed turned the page on winter to let spring enter the decor of the living room. And it is the light fabrics that have taken over to bring softness to our sofa. Make way for pretty plaids in cotton and linen, with summer patterns and fresh colors. To avoid mistakes, follow the guide…

Linen or cotton?

Light fabric on the sofa yes, but which one? For this season, our heart swings between a pretty washed linen plaid or a highly colored cotton model. Very trendy in our interiors for some time, the linen is not invited any more only in bed linen in the room but is exposed on the sofa in colored or sober plaid. Its only drawback is that it creases quickly enough, so if you like everything to be perfect, prefer a cotton model. With fringes, stripes, knitted pure cotton, it's up to you!

What colors?

This season, two opposites share the headlining of the must have to adopt: pastel colors and neon colors. If you like soft and cocooning interiors, we advise you to choose a plaid in pastel shades such as powder pink, sky blue or even water green. If on the contrary, you want to wake up your living room or your slightly drab sofa, bet more on neon shades like pink or yellow. You can also adopt them with graphic patterns, completely in trend this summer.