In the office of… Armand Ventilo, creator

In the office of… Armand Ventilo, creator

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Its name is synonymous with fashion, embroidered prints and lines very inspired by the sixties. Armand Ventilo, one of the first 30 years ago to open a concept store, always mixes clothing and decor in its stores. And if the second is not for sale, it expresses the creator's taste for objects, just like his office.

A micro desk without decoration

The parent company of the Ventilo brand is rue du Louvre in Paris. It is here that for almost thirty years, the style office and the showroom have been one with the largest of the boutiques. On the top floor of the building, the designer's office is probably the smallest of all. A sort of nest, from where Armand Ventilo sees the roofs of Paris and feels a bit like a bird, ready to fly away. In this micro office, without decoration, where he never receives but isolates himself willingly, he has before his eyes what it takes to think, to concentrate. That is to say large iron cupboards, filled with "collector" magazines, old clothes, pieces of fabric. And then there are books, design, architecture, cooking, painting, gardens, literature ... plus a few objects he cares about. Starting with the desk itself, a wooden tray on two pieces of trunk. "It was a tree in our house. When it fell after a thunderstorm, I asked the carpenter in the village to make two offices for it. The second one is next to Frédérique's house." Frédérique Vilacèque, her lifelong accomplice, style director of the collections.

Traveling inspiration

A great traveler, Armand Ventilo went early to look elsewhere. A young man steeped in American cinema and Johnny Cash songs, he left for the United States, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him and where he has been going regularly. It is also a Ali Baba's cave to hunt for objects and furniture of all kinds and his first purchases will be made in Navajo country. His passion for this people will never leave him. Then there will be India, but also the Nordic countries, Japan, South America ... Each trip makes him want a collection and strikingly or subliminally each collection tells of one of his journeys.

Wide angle curiosity

Discovering different lifestyles and cultures even made him want, for a while, to broaden his palette and create bed linen, scents in the form of candles or incense, dishes, etc. for the home. Today, he has returned to his first love clothing, only clothing. It is not in his micro office that collections are created, but it is here that they germinate. He takes stock of everything that has aroused his curiosity, and his is immense. A silhouette in the street, a garden, the credits of a film, an exhibition… Armand Ventilo stores up, fills up and lets itself live. Around him, for lack of space, the objects are counted, so none are there by chance.

The 5 favorite objects of Armand Ventilo

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