I put a wall cupboard in my kitchen

I put a wall cupboard in my kitchen

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Not enough room to store dishes, food and household products? I decided today to install a new cupboard on the wall of my kitchen, matching with the existing ones of course. This is not difficult and does not require more than an hour or two of work, but I will still need a hand when fixing my new closet on the wall.

Step 1 - I gather my tools

My new closet is there, ready to be installed since already assembled. Before any installation, I gather the tools I will need: a meter, a pencil, a bubble level, a drill-driver, dowels adapted to my wall, a hammer and a screwdriver.

Step 2 - I take the measurements

I start by noting the location and transferring the measurements of my tall cabinet to my wall, using the meter and a pencil. The important thing is on the one hand that the bottom of the cabinet is located at least 60 cm above the worktop, on the other hand that the fixing points are precisely identified. To determine their position, I mark the horizontal axis using my level and mark the location of the screws in pencil.

Step 3 - I break through the wall

Using my drill-driver, I drill my wall at the location of future fasteners. I remove the dust and I insert the appropriate dowels (Placo®, concrete, wood ...). I hammer them into the wall with my hammer. I fix the metal fasteners provided which will accommodate my furniture; always count two screws per hinge to ensure the solidity of the assembly.

Step 4 - I place my furniture

This is where the help of a friend is required since the furniture is not particularly light and it is impossible to hold and fix it at the same time (unless you have four arms). I need someone to put the box in place and hold it while I screw the fasteners. In my case, the cupboard has claws at the back of the box, to be inserted in the metal fasteners and which I can adjust using the adjustment tab which is inside.

Step 5 - I fix the box

Once the box is placed and while my assistant of the day keeps the box in place, I adjust it by screwing in the adjustment tab to bring it closer to my wall. I make sure using the level that the furniture is straight.

Step 6 - I put the doors

It only remains for me to put the doors and possibly the shelf or shelves of my wall cupboard. I fix the hinges on the doors before fitting them into those of the box.

Step 7 - I put away my things!

My furniture is ready and I will finally be able to store additional things! Warning: if your project consists of mounting several wall cupboards side by side, think beforehand of drilling holes with a wood drill bit in their side walls: this will then allow you to secure your cupboards and further ensure the solidity of their fixing .