Mother's Day: I create a necklace of pasta

Mother's Day: I create a necklace of pasta

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Each year, Mother's Day is the date not to be missed if you want to spoil your mom. Morgane, decoration blogger (, gives us her recipe for the famous pasta necklace.


To revisit the traditional Mother's Day necklace of pasta, you will need: - pasta (macaroni and shell type) - nail polish - thin cords - a pair of scissors - a large pearl

Create a triangle

Paint the pasta with the varnish. Thread three pasta on a piece of cord, and tie a knot to form a triangle. Pass a cord through the dough used as a base for the triangle and repeat the operation with three other triangles.

Make a pompom

Cut a part of the cord from the end of the triangle and use the scraps to make a pompom. Sew the pompom for a better hold.

Finalize the necklace

Tie a cord at the ends of the triangles forming the necklace, and braid by inserting a shell from time to time. Finish the braid with a knot. At one end make a loop, at the other tie a pearl as a clasp.


And here is a nice necklace of pasta for the best of mothers!
Happy birthday to all mothers !


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