Can I resell the electricity I produce?

Can I resell the electricity I produce?

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Answer: contact EDF or another operator.

If you have made the choice to invest in renewable energies and have installed solar panels on your home, know that it is possible for you to resell this renewable energy to EDF or to a local electricity distribution company. To encourage the development of renewable energy, European countries are forcing public electricity operators to buy the electricity produced by renewable energy at a higher price. To sell your solar electricity, you must then contact one of these operators and take out a contract (generally of very long duration). Then comes the time to determine the price per kWh. In 2012, the redemption price per kWh fluctuated between 35 and 60 cents, a price which differs depending on whether it is a ground installation or integrated into the frame. Be aware, however, that from 2013, an 8% per year drop in these redemption prices is announced. You too, send us your DIY question.