How to choose the material of my portal?

How to choose the material of my portal?

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Choosing the type of material for a gate will depend on the use you intend to make of it. Do you want to install a portal for your security? For decoration? Here are our tips for making the right choice. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a portal installation

The PVC gate or the wooden gate

At first, you can opt for the PVC gate which is quite simple to use and easy to maintain. Ultra resistant, it does not deteriorate over time and the seasons. In addition, PVC is a fully recyclable material. In a second step, you can choose between two types of PVC assembly, the exposed frame or the integrated frame. One being assembled on an aluminum frame and the other covers the aluminum frame ensuring a certain rigidity. Natural, sustainable and ecological, wood is used more and more in home furnishings. Installing a wooden gate will ensure you great resistance to possible external shocks. All wooden gates are assembled using shouldered and mortise tenons. Wood goes well with all types of houses, whatever the season.

Aluminum or iron gates

Aluminum has the particularity of being a material which does not deteriorate and which is very resistant to weathering and corrosion. There are two types of assembly for the aluminum gate, the welded which turns out to be the most economical and the model assembled mechanically. From the point of view of aesthetics and robustness, the mechanically assembled gate wins. You can also choose to install an iron gate, a really very resistant material ensuring high security. It is widely used because of its classic look, adapting to the city as well as the countryside.

A material, a price

The price of a gate will depend not only on its opening system, but obviously on the type of material used. Thus, depending on the characteristics of the material, the price will vary. Your choice of material will depend on your budget, the design hoped for and the maintenance that will be required. For a sliding PVC model you have to count between 700 and 2500 euros. If you prefer a swing gate, you will need a budget between 200 and 2000 euros. For a sliding wooden gate, allow between 800 and 3000 euros and between 450 and 3000 euros for the gate with leaves. Regarding the aluminum gate, expect an invoice ranging from 1000 to 3000 euros for the sliding doors and from 350 to 3000 euros with leaves. Finally, if you opt for the iron gate, your purchase invoice will represent a minimum cost of 800 euros for the sliding gate and up to 3000 euros for the swing gate.