The bling bling decor, like in The Bling Ring by Coppola

The bling bling decor, like in The Bling Ring by Coppola

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In her latest film The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola transports us to Los Angeles in a world of luxury and glitter where the interior of the houses of stars scrolls on the screen. On the program: a very bling bling decoration that will make many fashionista dream.

The Bling Ring or a visit to the houses of Los Angeles

Almost everyone has heard of guided tours in Los Angeles to see the house of Hollywood stars. Well The Bling Ring is a bit like this since it is a group of teenagers who will break into the homes of celebrities to steal clothes, shoes and luxury bags. And if all the houses are not those of the stars, the shooting took place in the real residence of Paris Hilton. What discover the follies of stars in decoration such as cushions bearing the image of the heiress!

The dressing room, centerpiece

In the film, the different rooms in the residences are of little interest to young people because it is in the dressing room that everything happens! So for a decoration as bling as in the richest house in Los Angeles, we do not hesitate to display your clothes in a phenomenal dressing room. The shoes are aligned on display stands, the clothes all on hangers, the exposed accessories and the jewelry visible on jewelry holders. The idea is to make all accessories into real decorative objects. At home, if you do not have the Paris Hilton dressing room, you will simply display your most beautiful dress on a hanger on the wall and put your shoes under a bell. We add many mirrors and voila!