Bemz: when textiles decorate

Bemz: when textiles decorate

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The idea of ​​the Bemz brand is very simple: to offer the possibility of personalizing Ikea sofas and seats thanks to new covers. Since then, Bemz has also offered its own textiles so that everyone can express their personality in their interior. Back on the history of this Swedish brand that turns the house upside down!

The birth of Bemz

A few years ago, Lesley Pennington left her native Canada to settle in California where she met her future husband who was him… Swedish! This does not scare Lesley and she then moves to Sweden where she goes for a walk at Ikea to furnish her interior. It was at this moment that she wanted to create personalized covers for Ikea sofas and seats so that everyone could make personal choices in terms of design. The idea is to allow everyone to create a unique product that matches their personality from affordable furniture that we usually find in many salons. And for the record, BEMZ is an anagram of the initials of its children.

Sofa covers with textiles for the whole house

In 2004, Bemz therefore began to design and produce personalized covers that adapt to the main models of Ikea sofas and armchairs, even those whose production is no longer assured. In 2009, Bemz began adding its own textiles to the line of personalized cover products. We can then afford textiles to personalize all the rooms in the house: from the dining room to the bedroom with chair covers, cushion covers, box springs and headboard covers. And from the end of August, Lesley will even offer custom-made curtains ready to use from the textiles it offers. We can choose between four different heads and offer a maximum width of 1.5m and a maximum height of 6m. A real revolution in the textile world to personalize its interior in an accessible way.

Original and neat textiles

On the decor side, Lesley draws inspiration from fashion to create his new collections in tune with the times. So the trend for linen has not escaped her and she therefore offers a 100% linen range in partnership with Designers Guild. Because the designer also knew how to surround herself with the best by offering textiles in collaboration with the best designers of the moment like Marimekko and her bold patterns but also big names in Swedish design like Katarina Wiklund or Stig Lindberg. The textile catalog is impressive and you can choose from over 180 references to choose from in the home. In terms of quality, Bemz chooses its fabrics from the best producers of sustainable and natural textiles. Then, most of the dyes are made in a printing house in Sweden renowned for its textile sector since the 17th century in order to offer quality prints. And for practicality, the fabrics are machine washable and durable! Something to succumb to the desire to change scenery.


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