A light board at a low price

A light board at a low price

Easy to adopt the trend of light pictures at home. What you need: a wall mount, a garland or light tape and a glue gun. It remains to determine the desired effect, light outside or inside the painting…

Possibility n ° 1: a light board by the contours

First option: make a painting bright by illuminating its contours. If it is a work of art, it is on its frame (to avoid any direct contact with the canvas), that the magic ingredient is glued, the luminous ribbon. If it is another type of support (a whiteboard or slate to personalize with felt or chalk, a magnetic board to customize with postcards, magazine pages, etc.), tape the tape without problem on the contours. And that's enough to draw all eyes to the painting! Or how to illuminate the decoration of the walls in style.

Possibility n ° 2: a light board by the content

Second option: illuminate the start table by illuminating its content. But not all of the content! Because here, the idea is to highlight a detail or several specific elements to highlight. For example, at the back of a painting for children, we glue the light garland at the level of the sun or the main character to bring them out and thus obtain an original night light. On the back of a New York style painting, it is distributed among the buildings to create the illusion that the city apartments that never sleep are lit. Chic, right?