Trend: Nantucket style

Trend: Nantucket style

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The decor from elsewhere inspires our interiors. One that has been emerging lately is the Nantucket style. Far from the exotic stereotypes, it draws its inspiration rather from the neutral shades and the natural materials. Decryption ...

A trend from the United States

Coming from the United States, this trend is inspired by the art of living on the island of Nantucket. This former fishing island, off the American coast, 300 km from Boston, is home to a handful of happy residents. Beaches, dunes, wooden houses, labyrinth of charming streets, shaded alleys, luxury shops, cordial atmosphere, everything is like a perfect America. An idyllic environment that seduces and attracts thousands of tourists in summer.

Neat and chic interiors

The serene atmosphere that emerges from this island conquered, in the 1950s, wealthy inhabitants. They built elegant houses inspired by the serene atmosphere that emanated from the island. The homes are sumptuous, surrounded by a thin wooden fence painted white and the interiors are pretty, always neat and chic at the same time.

Wood and neutral colors

However, the island being several thousand kilometers from our coast, here are the essential decos to reproduce this art of living to adopt the style at home. First of all, wood is preponderant: on the floor, on the walls and with the furniture! Then you will have to bet on neutral shades. The big winners: taupe, white and beige. The idea is to bring in as much natural light as possible. Combine this palette with blue in all its variations or celadon green. As for the furniture, it is preferably made of wood, with a simple and functional design. And finally, a few luxury touches are scattered here and there. Sculptures, paintings, wool rugs, designer lamps complete this decor. Our practical "marine decor" videos