What wood to choose for a staircase?

What wood to choose for a staircase?

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Answer: fir for its price, maple, ash and beech for their resistance, oak for its authenticity.

If you want to build a wooden staircase, many wood species are available to you. Of course, depending on the type of wood chosen, the price can vary greatly from simple to double, or even more. The fir is the most used wood for building stairs, thanks to its attractive price and its versatility, but on the other hand it ages quickly. Next come maple, ash or beech. Robust essences that will last over time, but a little more expensive. Finally, the ultimate, oak, which will give a touch of authenticity to your staircase. Otherwise, there are also the exotic wood species, which have very interesting special characteristics like the teak staircase, but the price increases very quickly with this type of wood. You too, send us your decoration question video id = "0" /