In drawing: make mushrooms out of fabric for your child's room

In drawing: make mushrooms out of fabric for your child's room

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They are very fashionable and grow everywhere on the Internet and therefore at home! In the children's room, it is an original decoration which brings to the general atmosphere a touch of magic and magic… Associated with other decorative elements, these mushrooms will be perfect in the room of a little girl, both to decorate and to play! Many models and variants exist to design mushrooms in news: 739845 tissue. We offer you here a very simple tutorial for an easy realization. It's up to you to add your own, to personalize and decorate your models of small mushrooms as you wish! For this realization, you will need: - 2 ovals of the same size: one in actu: 739845 patterned fabric, the other in felt and cut in the center - 1 rectangle of actu: 739845 tissue for the foot of the mushroom - 1 small round of felt for the base of the foot - cotton thread - padding fleece - dry peas and a smooth pebble (to stabilize the foot) Let's go!


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