What is the interest of a wooden extension?

What is the interest of a wooden extension?

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<< quels arguments plaident pour une extension en bois ? >>

Answer: charm, ecology, insulation, price ... The advantages of wood are numerous.

To build an outbuilding, an additional wing, or to raise a floor, wood is a building material that has many advantages. Very light and flexible, it offers a lot of possibilities. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to all styles and all your desires. In addition, it gives a lot of charm to buildings, and it goes very well with other building materials. In addition, choosing wood means making an ecological choice since it is a renewable and recyclable material that integrates naturally into its environment. Wood also offers the advantage of being fire resistant, contrary to popular belief. It is also a very good acoustic and thermal insulator, which saves energy. Finally, wood offers excellent value for money. Being light, easy to produce, transport and install, its price and that of the labor to employ are reduced. You too, send us your decoration question Our practical garden videos


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