A beach look in the house

A beach look in the house

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If you don't have the chance to be on vacation, it's the holidays that will come to you thanks to your decoration! The decor goes on vacation to the beach with all the accessories that evoke the summer season on the hot sand. Here is the decorative suitcase you need!

An escape table

To set the tone in your interior, nothing like a table that gives you a new horizon line. The good news is that there is no shortage of great beach views. We preferably choose a panoramic model to make the most of the beauty of the landscapes. And know that you can also decline these windows on the beach in cushions and other decorative items.

Typical objects

To give a beach spirit to your interior, also use real objects that evoke the beach. You can for example bet on a library which takes the form of a beach shed. Also think of small accessories like starfish or shells that you can have in your decoration. Ask a friend on vacation to bring you some souvenirs that you will use as decorative items!

Misappropriated accessories

Finally, consider diverting objects to create an original and very summery style in your decor! You can for example turn your beach bag into a magazine rack for a holiday look in the living room. And on the ground, why not transform a mat or a foutah into a very summer rug? Result, you just have to close your eyes to hear the sound of the water. Our practical decoration videos