What curtain color should you choose with white or beige walls?

What curtain color should you choose with white or beige walls?

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Answer: choose orange, green, blue or parma

Hello, what an original idea to want to give a British accent to your interior decoration! Considering the neutral color of your walls, you can afford some fancies for the curtains. If you want to emphasize the vintage atmosphere, opt for a fabric with small flowers typically Anglo-Saxon! Many fabrics with English patterns are reissued today and can be combined with contemporary decoration to play on contrasts. If you prefer to opt for more contemporary curtains, choose fabrics with screen-printed prints of London monuments for example ... They will be the humorous wink of your living room. For the dominant color of the curtains, you have the choice: orange, green, sky blue or purple. You too, send us your decoration question Create curtains for summer and winter Our practical decoration videos


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