"Alive, at the frontiers of design", an exhibition that rethinks nature

"Alive, at the frontiers of design", an exhibition that rethinks nature

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Imagine a world where our everyday products, such as clothing or furniture, are made up of bacteria or other living organisms. A world of a new kind which has aroused the interest of different researchers and designers and which the EDF foundation unveils to us through the exhibition "En vie, aux frontières du design", which is held in Paris until September 1 2013.

Nature as a primary source of inspiration

The exhibition presents work and reflection carried out by designers, architects and researchers on living materials and technologies. By being inspired by nature, by observing or imitating it, they propose projects which already exist in the laboratory but which have never before been presented to the public.

35 projects presented

34 innovative projects in design, architecture, photography and art are staged according to 5 themes. Everyone explores a more ecological and ethical future either by re-orchestrating our relationship with nature, or by imitating it to solve problems, or by taking inspiration from its mechanisms, or by reprogramming it. Through the exhibition, a reflection on our future is posed and we see the boundaries between design, nature and new techniques come together. Useful information : EDF Foundation Space 6, rue Récamier 75007 Paris Metro Sèvre-Babylone Free entry every day from 12 noon to 7 p.m. (except Mondays and public holidays) Tel. : 01 53 63 23 45 Foundation website


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