In the office of… Chantal Thomass, fashion designer

In the office of… Chantal Thomass, fashion designer

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Famous for her luxury lingerie that makes one dream and fantasizes the other, Chantal Thomass is not confined to female underwear. The designer has long since passed through the doors of decoration. A recent hotel and a foray into the world of bedding for Treca reveal its all-round expertise. And it is in his apartment that the lines take shape.

Computer desk

Chantal Thomass never liked offices. In her large Parisian apartment, however, she gave in to tradition and gave herself a room, theoretically considered to be SONbureau. In truth, it is rare to find her in this place when she works. It's the "computer desk, explains the designer, laughing, paperwork, slips." To think, draw, imagine, she settles down in the dining room, on the guest table. And if there is dinner, she can quickly make room.

A multifunctional dining room

Open to the living room, the dining room does not play the imposing. Bright, witty without being overloaded, it seems perfect not to be bored. This is where Chantal Thomass embarks on the most diverse creations. For example, she has just dressed her highness the bed, the king's piece of furniture for a bedroom, for the second time. From the mattress jacquard, dotted with ribbons, to the lace-printed headboards, via the feet transformed into ankle boots, all its codes are present in this collection called Secrets d'Alcôves.

Collector and fan of flea markets

Whether fashion, bedding or hotels, it is in this beautiful dining space that the designer first cogit, facing a dresser filled with press clippings, photos, drawings she likes have on hand. The large table also allows it to spread out without complex. But what she appreciates the most is to look at everyone. Peynet's canvases, the huge library where a collection of Fémina from 1901 to 1930 sits, which she consults regularly. And then there are its windows, elements inseparable from a collecting creator at heart, and who keeps everything.

Chantal Thomass's favorite objects

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