A bed for a teenage bedroom

A bed for a teenage bedroom

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From a certain age, adolescents want to emancipate themselves. Without leaving their children complete freedom, parents must occasionally drop ballast. To please him, we choose a bed that suits his character. When you are a teenager, a bed is more than a bed: you sleep in it, you eat there, you work there, you relax there ... In short, you do almost everything! Small manual for this centerpiece of our teens' bedroom.

The working teen

You are proud of it, it succeeds everything! After the lessons, it is without complaining that he begins to do homework. It is not surprising that it pays only good grades. He likes to work and it shows. For you, as long as he is happy, you are happy too. Over the years, the way homework has worked has evolved in particular thanks to the advancement of the Internet and laptops. We then choose a large bed where he can display his notebooks, copies and his computer for his research, even late.

The teen who receives

She has always had many friends, sometimes too many. You can see it working in events. What she likes is to receive them after class and on weekends and do it well! In this case, you can opt for the mezzanine solution: sleep upstairs and live downstairs. Under the bed, she will install a mini living room with armchair sofa and coffee table to spend long hours talking about lessons and boys. The other solution is the sofa bed, which also makes it possible to transform the bedroom into a living room with a click (clack).

The teenager who doesn't want to grow up

It is the last. His room is a bit smaller than the others, but he doesn't mind. In no hurry to grow up, he or she still appreciates his place as the youngest. For lack of space and the lack of desire to grow, we choose a single bed: simple and practical. On the decorative side, you can select one with a pretty headboard or integrated storage. Our practical teen decoration videos