DIY: how to use tie and dye

DIY: how to use tie and dye

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Tie and dye is the summer textile trend that should also be found at the start of the school year. So if you haven't succumbed yet, it's time to learn how to tie and dye at home for a personalized decoration at a low price. You are ready ? A fabric, dye and go!

What is tie and dye already?

To get to know tie and dye, you have to go back in time to the 70s in California where a hippie wind of freedom blows on manners but also on fabrics. With a little dye, the young girls transform their T-shirts into colored accessories sublimated by a play of gradient and shades. At that time, make way for creativity! And today, this trend is making a comeback in fashion as well as in decoration to bring a little color and fantasy into our daily lives.

How do I do ?

Contrary to what one might think, it is very easy! You just need to bring the textile you want to personalize, dye (one or more according to your tastes) and a basin to proceed with the color of the fabric. As its name suggests, the tie and dye is obtained by knotting places of the fabric (tie) then by immersing it in the dye (dye). You then get a fully colored fabric that has light shades and original shapes at the knots. When you customize your textile, think of the patterns you will create: a few knots to create an original touch or aligned knots to create a clear strip for example.

And if I only want a gradient, is it possible?

The pattern effect does not tempt you and you would prefer a nice gradient of color or multiply the colors on the same textile? It is also possible. Start by moistening the fabric, then dip the fabric in the dye basin halfway up. Once well impregnated, take out the textile and extend it so that the color goes down to create the darker gradient down. Then wait until the fabric is completely dry. To multiply the colors, you will separate the textile into two parts (equal or not) by making a knot. You will dip one side in a color dye and the other side in another color and voila!

I use the tie and dye for what use?

Be aware that all textiles can succumb to the tie and dye trend! In fact, you can create new cushions for your sofa as well as curtains for your living room, tablecloths or table or bath towels or even bed linen for your bedroom! The only limit is your imagination ! However, avoid over-multiplying this trend in your interior, otherwise you will fall back into the hippie period. This season, tie and dye is chic and therefore applies to one or two pieces of decoration to bring color into your interior. Likewise, consider combining colors with harmony by playing with shades and complementary colors. Our practical creative leisure videos