Children's motifs are back!

Children's motifs are back!

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At the end of the summer, simple and fun shapes for the whole house will set the tone. Small characters, bright colors, simplified details, like children and rent! A facelift and an offbeat side that will entertain the whole family, from the smallest to the oldest.

Fashionable graphics

With the retrospective on Keith Haring at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris and at 104, you could not miss this trend. The artist who died more than twenty years ago made his little characters a real signature. These graphics that we could describe as childish, despite their real plastic qualities, have become very trendy in recent years. The proportions become false, the exaggerated expressions, the bodies lengthen ... Result: we find there the drawings of our childhood and those of our children. The simplified models introduce a playful and quirky aspect in our daily life which we discover with joy this return to the new collection of textiles Ikéa! On the program: bath towels where the water flows in large drops or curtains representing funny hand-drawn men ... (to discover in the slideshow below).

At home

To recreate this atmosphere at home, nothing could be simpler: take one or two children, yours or those of one of your loved ones, by the elbow, and offer them an afternoon of drawing. For a few euros you invest in colored markers, paint and white paper. Then, after protecting the sofa and the table, give way to the budding artists. You can thus compose real frescoes at low prices to the delight of parents and children. These paintings are then installed directly on the wall, with or without a frame. You can also leave it to your little monsters to customize a simple pair of white curtains, for a unique decor!