5 inexpensive ideas for decorating children's walls

5 inexpensive ideas for decorating children's walls

The decoration of the walls of the children's room must above all be fun in order to please them. And for it to be successful, we offer you two missions: get your child involved and follow our 5 ideas at low prices!

Idea 1: Framing pretty pictures

With your child, select some pretty pictures that you will find in magazines for the little ones. Cut them out carefully and frame them to install them on the wall.

Idea 2: Use colorful shelves

To energize the walls of the kids' room, you can play with colorful shelves. Use invisible fixing models and decline these shelves in three different colors.

Idea 3: Highlight the toys

You do not know how to garnish the shelves? Use your child's favorite toys that you can select with him so that he enthusiastically adopts his new decor. Do not hesitate to place fragile toys so that your child can enjoy them anyway.

Idea 4: Use paint

Without painting an entire wall, you can simply bet on a touch of color in the window frame or by creating a frieze at the bottom of the wall. Remember to opt for colors in harmony with the rest of the accessories. They will spice up the whole room.

Idea 5: Playing with a garland

Finally, why not adopt a garland of pennants that you will place in a corner of the room to cover the entire surface of the wall? You can even create this garland with your child. All you need is a string and colored papers.