What are the standards for carpet?

What are the standards for carpet?

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Answer: pay particular attention to classifications

Several standards and labels determine the quality of a carpet. CE marking is of course compulsory, but it is the UPEC classification that provides the best information. It determines the performance level of the carpet according to several criteria: wear (letter "U"), punching ("P"), water ("E") and chemistry ("C"). Each of these letters is followed by an index from 1 (low) to (very high). The flammability of the carpet is indicated by a system of letters from A to F, followed by FL for "Floor". Recognized by most French manufacturers, the UPEC classification is not compulsory but remains a guarantee of quality. If not used, the carpet has the standard EN NF 1307 or EN NF 1470 for needled textiles. Another classification is the T-ICCO which determines the resistance of a carpet, from T1-2 for light use to T6 for intensive use. Finally, the GUT label is reserved for ecological carpets. You too, send us your DIY question


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