Video: plug a hole in a wall

Video: plug a hole in a wall

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By removing a painting or placing a shelf, you expose the holes of the fixings. No way to play the miseries by putting a poster on it! Take the bull by the horns and fill the holes. Marie Davideau of the Lilibricole courses masters this know-how to perfection. Just follow his recommendations. A first piece of advice: scrupulously respect the drying times.

Watch the video :

What you need :

- a large paint tray - an American knife - two 20 cm coating knives - a 7 cm coating knife - a pack of filling plaster - a pack of smoothing plaster - a sanding block - paper abrasive - a dusting brush - a pair of gloves - a pair of safety glasses

The DIY lesson:

- start by protecting your hands and eyes. - scrape the edges of the hole to be filled with the American knife. Sand and then dust. - prepare the filling plaster. It should form a very thick paste. - cover the hole with the 7 cm brush, crossing the passes, knife flat. - let dry 4 h. - scrape the surface with a 20 cm coating knife. - sand using your wedge covered with sandpaper. Dust off. - prepare your smoothing plaster. Apply with your 20 cm coating knife in a single vertical pass. - let dry 4 h. Sand, dust. It's finish ! Discover our partner Lilibricole which offers in its and, as well as.