Embroidery for a bohemian style

Embroidery for a bohemian style

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Embroidery has always been fully integrated into the decor. But in recent years, embroidered patterns have taken a very special place in the catalog of trends. Whether their influences are Gypsy, Russian, Hindu or even Eastern, one thing is certain, they make an impact. We let you discover why and how to use embroidery to create a colorful universe around an invitation to travel.

Give color

The combination of bright colors and the subtlety of the embroidered patterns is a real pleasure for the eyes. We can play with the materials and thus give the desired character to any space. Often, there is no shortage of different styles: between flashy blue flowers, pink and white rosettes, multicolored graphic patterns or abundant shapes, it's hard not to find what you're looking for. Dare to embroider and let them decorate your interior, this is the key to an original and chic bohemian decor.

In small touches

The ideal way to change the spirit of a room without having to undertake gigantic work: trust the accessories and their transforming power. For example, do not hesitate to highlight a plaid, a cushion or an embroidered carpet. We love the warmth and authenticity of this type of decor, which seems to come straight from an exotic destination. First, choose a few small details to recreate a new, warm and friendly atmosphere!