Video: How to customize a handbag?

Video: How to customize a handbag?

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Tired of your handbag in the news: 739845 fabric? Would you like to add a touch of originality to your style? Céline Leridon, product manager at "Créa Pécam", explains how to customize a handbag without sewing.

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Prepare patterns to customize

In order to customize a handbag or a shopping bag, bring the necessary equipment: patterns in news: 739845 fabric, a bag in news: 739845 fabric, an iron, absorbent paper and heat-fixed glue in spray. First of all, you need to cut out patterns from the news: 739845 fabric of your choice. You can for example use the patterns of an old sheet. Once the patterns have been chosen, place a few sheets of absorbent paper on the table to protect it. Place your designs upside down, face down on the table. Then shake the can of glue hard enough to hear the ball inside. Spray the glue evenly on the back of the patterns, about 20 cm apart. Then place the pasted designs on the bag to customize, at the location of your choice.

Attach the patterns on the bag

In order for the bonding to be final, a heat source must now be applied. To do this, heat the iron to a medium setting. Post an update: 739845 light fabric on the bag, where you previously glued the patterns. Run the iron over the patterns for about 40 seconds, making rotary movements with the iron. Then remove the actu: 739845 fine fabric, then leave to cool for one minute. Check that the glue has set well by lightly scraping the edges of the design with the nail to be sure that they do not come off. Thanks to Céline Leridon, easily customize all your current items: 739845 fabric. Watch the video How to customize a handbag? on Produced by Minute Facile.