How to create a Japanese atmosphere in a room?

How to create a Japanese atmosphere in a room?

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Answer: bet on a Zen atmosphere

Hello, you want to decorate your room in a Zen and Japanese style. For this, the lighting must be dim and intimate. Think of the round rice paper or openwork fiber suspensions that diffuse a soft and warm light. The color of the walls can be a light gray or a greyish mauve to best match your bed. As a headboard, you will put a patterned wallpaper of Japanese cherry branching type. It will create a "decorative" break on the paint walls! You can install a beautiful screen painted with a purple lacquer paint to define a dressing area for example or as a simple decorative element. Generally, adopt low furniture to clear the space and hang lithographs or a mirror. You can also have cherry branches with LEDs in a transparent glass vase. You too, send us your decoration question


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