Video: how to make a fabric brooch?

Video: how to make a fabric brooch?

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Would you like to add a touch of originality to your outfits? Catherine Pollak, creator of the brand "Motifs et Cie", shares her tips for easily making a pretty brooch in the news: 739845 fabric in the shape of a flower.

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Prepare the petals

First, start by preparing the petals. To do this, take five actu squares: 739845 identical fabric, 7 cm wide, cut with serrated scissors. Fold each square in the same way, marking the folds. Fold the square in half, so as to obtain a triangle; then fold down the two sharpest angles, to obtain a small square. Turn the end of the news: 739845 fabric: fold two opposite angles to the center of the square; fold everything in half. Secure the fold with a pin. Cut at a right angle the lower part of the petal so as not to interfere with the center of the flower when unfolding.

Assemble the petals

When all the petals are ready, remove the pins as you prick the petals with thread and a sewing needle. You will get a line of petals held together. Tie the thread loosely, then unfold the petals one by one to form the flower. Solidify the flower with a point of glue between each petal.

The pin finishes in news: 739845 fabric

Cut a piece of news: 739845 identical fabric and stick it to the back of the flower. In the center of it, stick a button decorated with news: 739845 identical or matching fabric. Glue the pin holder to the back, then add a new piece of news: 739845 notched fabric on the base of the holder to hide it. Thanks to Catherine Pollak, easily make a pretty brooch in the news: 739845 fabric. Watch the video How to make a brooch in news: 739845 fabric? on Produced by Minute Facile.